Blue Hawaii - Storm of '62 Party!

Blue Hawaii

After being discharged from the U.S. Army, cool guy Chadwick Gates (Elvis Presley) returns home to Hawaii. Following several years of strict military life, Gates wants nothing more than to hang loose and surf all day. His family pressures him to work for the family pineapple business. Much to the chagrin of his snobby mother (Angela Lansbury), Gates lands a job as a tour guide at the same company where his girlfriend, Maile (Joan Blackman), also works.



Elvis' BLUE HAWAII was the film being shown at the Milton Theatre when the historic storm of 62' hit the US east coast. The storm left the town of Milton and the theatre flooded and closed the venue for a few years. Now, we're putting a positive spin to commemorate this occasion by bringing back Blue Hawaii! Take your tropical shirts out and party with us! 


Hawaiian Dress Up & Picture Booth, Elvis Dance Pre-Party!


The historic Milton Theatre is a uniquely diverse venue where you will find the best local, regional, national, and international talent. Free municipal and on-street parking are available. Full bar and light food options available. This facility is fully accessible.

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