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The D.C. area band SEV played their first show on October 27 th of 1996. In the two decades since then, the band has toured North America and shared the stage with dozens of other local bands and platinum–selling artists of the era, including Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, 311, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, Kid Rock, Avril Lavigne, and Korn. They endured member changes, secured deals with two major record labels, and performed on national TV shows and television commercials. In 2006, the band parted ways and scattered across the country. Until now….

SEV’s catalyst, guitarist Max Alley, wrote the music for the band’s first album Sunflower with bassist Will Mazur and drummer Dennis Fay. The trio quickly identified vocalists Danny Schools and Phil Clayman from other local projects and were soon selling out shows at local venues. The combination of metal, rap, pop, and electronic music, mixed with their signature high-energy shows, made every performance a unique experience not to be missed. SEV gained the attention of the Mid-Atlantic music scene by winning the “Big Break” contest hosted by at-the-time alternative rock radio station 99.1 WHFS. They opened the 1999 HFStival with a performance on the Street Stage.

Their rising success garnered the attention of several national record labels, and the band originally signed with the Interscope/Universal joint venture Farmclub in 2000 with record industry moguls Jimmy Iovine and Doug Morris. However, the label closed its doors in 2001 and the band subsequently signed with Geffen and released their debut album, All These Dreams, in 2002. The success of their first single, Same Old Song, caught the attention of Pepsi and the band filmed a commercial for the launch of Pepsi Blue.

The band’s original drummer was replaced in 2003 by Bill Ledbetter, then later replaced again with Matt Hughes. The original bassist was replaced by Chris Mullen, then Tim Pryor, and then Matt Waller. Their original label was replaced with Geffen. Throughout all of the ups and downs, one thing has remained consistent: the band’s intense drive to deliver high-energy shows to their fans. Basement shows or stadiums, the power of SEV will compel you.

SEV’s former manager and event producer, Eddie Fam of IMPACT Collective, has recruited four of the five original band members for a reunion concert as a way to raise funds and awareness for at-risk youth in DC, Virginia, Haiti, and Africa. April 27th , 2019 will be the band’s first gig together in 12 years and this empowering performance will help provide medical access, education, food provision, and music programs through he mission of Meant 2 Live Foundation.

Jimmie's Chicken Shack

Jimmie's Chicken Shack is an American alternative rock band from Annapolis, Maryland. They emerged through MTV as one of the first post-grunge bands of the era. Blending funk-metal with elements of ska and reggae while also demonstrating surprising acoustic prowess, lead vocalist Jimi Haha grew up in Maryland where he played with the group Ten Times Big. After that band broke up, he snowboarded for two years before beginning several acoustic jams with friends. These coalesced into Jimmie's Chicken Shack. Based in Annapolis, MD, the group formed their own Fowl Records, which became a nexus for the leading bands in the tri-state area. After selling tens of thousands of records, Jimmie's Chicken Shack signed to Elton John's Rocket Records and released two major-label albums, Pushing the Salmanilla Envelope and Bring Your Own Stereo. Both albums enjoyed chart, radio, and MTV success and produced their best known hits “High” and “Do Right.” The band subsequently released two more albums Re.Present and Fail on Cue independently. The band has been a fixture on the touring circuit and is renowned for its high energy live performances.

Jimi Haha: Lead vocals, guitar
Jerome Maffeo: Drums
Christian Valiente: Bass
Island Styles: Lead guitar

Impact Collective

IMPACT Collective is a dynamic event management company based in Washington, DC. They specialize in experiential marketing, concert production, wedding planning, and venue sales. IMPACT is a socially conscious company that impacts its clients through passion, collaboration, and dedication.

Meant 2 Live Foundation

Meant 2 Live Foundation uses the universal power of music to restore hope to underprivileged communities, by providing a VIP experience to those in the greatest need of encouragement. Working with both local and international non-profit organizations, M2L improves the quality of life for youth through education, mentor-ship, food programs, musical inspiration, and spiritual nourishment. Currently focusing on Washington DC, Virginia, Zambia, and Haiti, M2L believes members of society can fulfill their social responsibility by sharing their time, talents, and resources to impact impoverished communities worldwide.

Matt Waller

Northern Virginia native, Matt Waller, has made a living playing music in the area since 2000, playing in local bands like Sould, SEV, Welbilt, Monako, Road Soda, and most recently Soundtrack for Silent Films. Since going solo, Matt has found great success using a looper pedal to record live drum beats, bass lines, and guitar parts. By doing so, Matt is able to create full sounding textural renditions of songs that span several different musical genres. What sets Matt apart from other musicians is his ability to cover both classic and current hip hop and R&B covers one would think impossible recreate with only an acoustic guitar. An audience member at a live show will hear everything from Reggae, to Pop, to Country, to Rock, and Hip Hop.

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