Born in the NYC underground art scene, Chandra Oppenheim recorded the songs from 1980’s Transportation EP at age 12. This uniquely intoxicating release saw the post-punk pre-teen fronting a band featuring members of cult mutant disco group The Dance/Model Citizens. Following an expanded 2008 reissue of the long-lost classic from Aaron Levin's Cantor Records, then a second edition in 2014 from Chandra's own Rain Boots Records, she reunited with a new Toronto-based band featuring members of Bile Sister, Tough Age, New Chance, and Blonde Elvis. In 2016, Chandra’s song “Subways” was sampled by internationally beloved Australian crate-diggers The Avalanches on their album Wildflower, who she joined onstage for live performances with her pre-teen daughter Issa. Chandra continues to celebrate and reinterpret the music written in her childhood while gaining new fans around the world.


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