Solar Disco Force

Four Galactic Warriors on a Funky Pilgrimage, Solar Disco Force use their Musical Talents to Save the Multiverse from the ever spreading threat of Lizard People from the planet “Top 40”. The Lizard People want to eat your brain waves, BUT IT WON’T HAPPEN ON OUR WATCH!

We’re here to save your world, but we’re going to need a bit of help!

Scale Model is an alt, indie pop/ synth rock, new wave band from Nashville, TN. They combine complex instrumental structure with unique, catchy vocal & synth melodies to create a sound that transcends the staples of pop. They also have instruments that light up. (guitars custom made by Scale Model Guitars -

Smart Objects

Smart Objects is a rock band in Nashville, TN. If you meditate really hard, you will see SQUARE CIRCLE TRIANGLE. After meditating very hard for very long lengths of time, Benjamin A. Harper gathered these shapes and willed into existence Smart Objects.

$10.00 - $12.00


no refunds - no exceptions. lineups and times are subject to change. valid government-issued photo ID required. tickets available at the door (if not sold out). no re-entry.

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