John Maus

Born February 23, 1980 in Austin, Minnesota. American musician and composer.

Lunch Lady

Cal-punk four piece, Lunch Lady, is the sum of its many parts. In the past, members Rachel Birke (27), Victor Herrera (32), Juan Velasquez (32), and Robert Wolfe (29), performed in celebrated DIY bands like Abe Vigoda, Heller Keller, Roses, and Stephanie, amassing individual cult followings with each respective project. In the summer of 2016, long time friends and collaborators, Birke and Velasquez dreamt of a band that married their mutual love of Southern California punk acts like X and Suburban Lawns with their fascination American Kitsch. After continuing to talk about it over a number of weeks, the pair decided to make the fictional band in their mind a reality and enlisted their friends from the scene, percussionist Robert Wolfe and bass player Victor Herrera, for the rhythm section. Once assembled, the four members tossed around a few names before landing on Lunch Lady, a name Birke suggested, given the campy American nostalgia that hit all of your senses after hearing it said out loud.

Birke and Velasquez brought music and lyrics to the band’s early practices at ABC Rehearsal Studio in Glassel Park where the four piece came up with arrangements together and rehearsed. Birke’s lyrics evoked slice of life plot lines, referencing dark and intimate experiences, told through her perspective and the perspectives of strangers, while Velasquez’s compositions involved echoey surf inspired guitars lines and Herrera’s melodic bass parts at the forefront. Combined with Wolfe’s skittering new wave and early house inspired drumming, Lunch Lady crafted a sound uniquely their own, but with clear links to musical heroes like Essential Logic, Modest Mouse, and Patsy Cline. After feeling confident with the first five tracks they conceived, the band organized a DIY show at their practice space in Eagle Rock and played their first show along side Basic Plumbing.

Since their first show in September the band has played shows across Los Angeles with friends bands like, No Age, French Vanilla, and BOYO. Last fall the band took their five songs and recorded demos for each. The demos caught the attention of Surf Curse guitarist Jacob Rubeck, who put out a cassette of the five tracks through his new tape label Always Lovers. Currently Lunch Lady is working on a new set of tracks to follow up their demo tape with a proper full length debut, and recently shot a video for “Deeper.”

Red Channel

Red Channel is a Los Angeles-based band featuring Melody (vocals, synth), Casey (vocals, synth), Bill (bass),
Scott (guitar) and Marcus (drums), formed in early 2017. Driven by an urgent interplay of dueling synthesizers
and compact, angular drum patterns, their sound combines a post-punk sensibility with Go-Gos-esque harmonies that alternate between serene and severe.

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