Beaver and Buttstuff present: Creepypasties!

Beaver and Buttstuff present: Creepypasties!

"The duo that brought you Conspiratease (despite HAARP's best efforts at shutting them down via an obviously government-created "wind storm") has returned with a creep-tastic burlesque and sideshow revue dedicated to your fave urban legends!

Did your little sister's babysitter's boyfriend DEFINITELY see the Goatman of Maryland one time?
Well come to this show to see him (naked!) for yourself, along with a bevy of classy cryptids, sexy spectres, and dueling doppelgangers that'll leave you feeling light as a feather AND stiff as a board, if ya know what I mean ;-)"

Mab Just Mab
Salem Sirene
Blaq Milk
London St Juniper
Tapitha Kix
Bella La Blanc
Sally Stardust

Hosted by your two favorite idiots, Callie Pigeon and Delilah Dentata!

$12.00 - $15.00


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