Orlando Pre-Pre-Fest #5: Florida Dissent

Expert Timing

Truly a passion project, Expert Timing brings together the warmth and chemistry of husband/wife duo Jeff & Katrina Snyder. With Jeff on guitar and Katrina on bass they both share songwriting and vocal duties. With the help of drummer Tim McGowan, the band proudly wears it's emo and indie rock influences on their sleeves.

You Vandal

Cool Grandma

Shells Bells - Vocals
MacGrumbels - Guitar, Drums



Montgomery Drive, Punching Babies, and Whatever, Dude Productions Present 

Orlando Pre-Pre-Fest #5: Florida Dissent


For this year's Unofficial Pre-Pre-Fest Orlando, we're changing it up a bit. To coincide with the "Foreign Dissent" show the night before, this year's Tuesday show will be "Florida Dissent," showcasing some of the best Fest related bands and comedians that our great state has to offer. 

Bands and comedians at Will's Pub and intimate acoustic sets next door at Lil Indies.

Expert Timing (Orlando, FL) - album release party

Bobby's Oar (Orlando, FL / Seattle, WA)

You Vandal (Gainesville, FL)

Cool Grandma (Orlando, FL)

OOF (Gainesville, FL)

Anyone who has an out of state (or country) ID and a wristband from the "Foreign Dissent" show the night before can get in for $5.

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Will's Pub