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Jesika Von Rabbit

7966.82 miles, as the gull flies. That’s the distance from Hobart, Tasmania, to Los Angeles, California – across time zones, hemispheres and a whole lot of saltwater – travelled so Enola Fall could make their home in the USA. Enola Fall are different. Genuinely different. Somewhere in between the twisted introversion of Echo & the Bunnymen, the guts and growl of PJ Harvey, and the anthemic pop of the Manic Street Preachers. Soaring vocals, melodies snagged at the end of a bloody fishhook, metered with an intense rhythmic tattoo. Enola Fall recorded their music in a place most people have never been to…a place most people couldn’t point to on a map – a wild, isolated island state at the bottom of the world. From this, the 2015 album Heliotropic was created, going on to catch the attention of major publications like Stereogum, Huffington Post, Death and Taxes, and many more, and leading to shows and tours with Courtney Barnett, The Jezabels, Amanda Palmer, The Violent Femmes, and sets at CMJ and Culture Collide. PRESS “Whether dealing in kinetic alternative rock or arching pop anthems, Enola Fall play the most likable of miserablists. Their songs acknowledge the gloom without suffocating in it, point the way to redemption, or at least relief, and deliver a jolt of catharsis on the way.” – Buzzbands LA "The first single (off that release) is “Vestigial Tail.” A hypnotic looping piano line is underscored by pulsing low strings and orchestral percussion. It’s achingly beautiful and the choruses are soaring, anthemic with Nuttall’s uniquely high, powerful vocal painting a visceral image of murder and obsession.” – AMFM Magazine “You feel compelled to keep listening to their soul-searching lyrics as the beat presses forward.” – Stereogum “The track has an immediate likeability that makes me wonder if it could pop up on a future film soundtrack” – USA Today “The band is really good.” – Huffington Post “Instantly pulls in the listener with its powerful arrangements and infectious vocals and lyrics” – Diffuser

Paving the way for the future of rocknroll and creating a refreshing new take on new wave music with a punch.

Outside Animals

We're an LA Indie Rock band. We're Pro-tentious, and highly likeable. We like to rock socks and sing songs that are catchy and grabby.

Colin was a sarcastic man with dreams. Almost every night. But he forgot most of them when he awoke. He said, "I never remember my dreams." So he tried to sit down and write down his dreams but all he could think of were little stories here and there. After a few years of piecing them together he called his friend Mark and said, "I have an idea!"

A few days later Mark said, "What!?" Then Colin and Mark started playing music who then called Pete. Now Pete was a slithery shy man that could not be trusted. But Colin was so deeply consumed by the dream world he had been stuck in for three years now that he didn't notice that Pete had cruel intentions to rule the world through music. This drove Pete to come up with an ingenious flyer and post it around town to find a drummer. Or so it seemed. He actually put the wrong phone number on all but one. That miraculously "fell" into a young drummer's hand named Benny. Pete knew Benny would aid in his quest to rule the world through music.

Now brought together they begin their quest in music. Split between two ideals we see their journey unfold as "OUTSIDE ANIMALS" !!!!!!!
Indie Rock. We write catchy songs about a multitude of subjects. Our songs are guitar-based, singable and badass.



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