*Grand Analog

Grand Analog is a raw collective of seasoned record collectors, musicians and self-described beat junkies. Band members include lead vocalist/producer Odario Williams, bass player/producer Warren Bray, producer/keyboardist Alister Johnson, drummer/singer TJ Garcia and DJ/vocalist Ofield Williams. Grand Analog’s latest offering, Modern Thunder, was produced collectively with each band member bringing unique flavour and raw talent to the soundscape. Modern Thunder keeps GA’s amalgamated genre traditions alive by fine-tuning what is now the Grand Analog sound. Modern Thunder is Hip-Hop’s new folklore; skillfully and subtly blending anything from Afro-Beat to Rock (and even a little sunshine itself) into the mix. Odario and DJ Ofield blame their father, a reggae DJ from the 80s, for cursing them with the love of music, bass and trouble. Grand Analog stays true to their name by using vintage analog gear during the creation of their infectious groove. GA’s live show adds soul to the bloodline as well, mixing frequent stage jams and off the wall tactics.

$9.99 - $18.00

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