Electric Howlers, Casey Ahern, Paige Williams

Electric Howlers

Electric Howlers is a Corona/Riverside at based band. We have a very wide range of musical influences that have created our unique rock and roll sound. With Captain Mondo banging on the drums, Big Bad Blues Daddy shredding lead guitar, David Doom holding down the Rhythm, Big Papi slapping the bass like it owes him money and she bear hitting notes on the mic that will make you tingle from your head all the way down your toes

Casey Ahern is a country singer/songwriter based in Southern California. Growing up playing guitar and singing around the house, it was only natural for her to form a band in 2016. She has played various Los Angeles venues such as The Viper Room and The Canyon Club. In 2017, she attended a semester at Berklee College of Music before spending four months living in Nashville. Playing live shows and gaining new experiences really helped hone in and shape her sound and artistic voice.

Casey draws inspiration from a diverse range of sources from the 1970s Laurel Canyon scene, such as Joni Mitchell, to today’s top country. The common thread through it all is the focus of telling a story right down to the lyric. Casey has written the majority of her songs and released her first single “And Me” in 2018. Currently, Casey is heading into the studio to start an EP scheduled for release in Fall 2018.

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Paige Williams has traveled the world experiencing countless cultures and music styles. Growing up with two parents active in the Military definitely made life complicated but solidified the strength within her family. They were, and still are, always encouraging her to push the limits and never give up, placing her in nation-wide music and acting competitions as well as funding trips to tour with different choirs around the world.

Eventually, her parents retired and her family settled in the small town of Hoschton, Georgia. It wasn't until Paige started to attend college that she followed the footsteps of her iconic older brother and moved into the city. While getting acclimated to Atlanta, she won the Georgia State Idol singing competition as a freshman, sang with the Atlanta Ballet, and as a member of the supporting choir for Andrea Bocelli. After an eventful college career, Paige graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's Degree in Vocal Performance from Georgia State University and has been teaching and performing ever since; deservingly earning the title of an "ATL-ien".

With this internationally educated influence, she has grown to be proficient in voice, cello, guitar, piano and ukulele. Paige released her first EP in May of 2017 which includes musical mixtures of pop, alternative, acoustic and R&B. In hopes of spreading her music world-wide, she continues to display that confidence and expression are essential to the growth of genuine musicality.



  • 7:30 - Paige Williams
  • 8:15 - Casey Ahern 
  • 9:00 - Electric Howlers

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