Warbly Jets

New York-born, Los Angeles-based Warbly Jets are here to revive rock music from it's indisputable funk. The newly released track "Psychomanteum" takes you on a pleasant journey inside yourself and showcases what the band means when they say they're "coming for your ears, your money, your girlfriends, your faces." Flirtatious guitar riffs, buoyant drums, and introspective lyrics meet to create a raw and natural sound which is much needed in today's musical landscape. The highlight of the song for us is the slowed down, tripped out bridge which takes you down a well of echoey vocals and guitar. It's the perfect tempo to get your headbang or your hippie sway on, throw your lighter up, and get lost in a groove. Just when it feels like you're about to get completely submersed in the waters of your own mind forever, the Jets shoot you back out to the surface for some fresh air. Fuzzy guitars and bouncing drums lead the way for the final chorus, marching you back out into everyday life. Check out "Psychomanteum" and replay the journey to your heart's content - WE THE BEAT

$12 Advance / $15 Day of Show


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