I Am The Avalanche

I Am The Avalanche

American indie rock/pop punk band founded in 2004 in Brooklyn, New York.


MakeWar is about a fight.

A fight against ignorance. And laziness.
A fight against your inner demons.
A fight to stay conscious. So you can have one more drink with your friends.
A fight to do what you want instead of what you're suppose to.
A fight that isn't violent. Or full of hate.

This fight is about knocking down what's holding you back.
That's why MakeWar sounds like letting go.

It's fighting depression by embracing aggression.
And embracing everyone around you who's doing that too.

MakeWar is Jose, Greg and Edwin. Welcome to our fight.

In their journey to create a unique sonic experience, Chris and Eric joined Connor and Nick in the winter of 2014, colliding their vast experience with a variety of influences, to form what humans now know as Brackish. Located in Philadelphia, PA.

Connor B
Nick R
Eric M
Chris B

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