Otep Shamaya's music is formed from the poetic marrow of creative intercourse. Art for art's sake. She was signed to Capitol Records in 2002 after only 5 shows, without a demo, and strictly on the power of her live performance. Since then, she has spoken at the Democratic National Convention on behalf of Rock the Vote, nominated by GLAAD for Outstanding Artist Award with Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert, won MTV's prestigious BEST VIDEO for Music with a message award. She has recorded 6 studio albums, 1 EP, and 1 live album, all original music, recorded several spoken word projects, expanded into the world of Voice Over for television, video games (THE LAST OF US), and major motion pictures (THE HOBBIT: The Battle Of The Five Armies), authored 3 books of original poetry, and continues to write and contribute to many other projects.

"Following in the footsteps of outspoken musicians from folk singer Woody Guthrie to Rage Against The Machine's Zach de la Rocha, Otep Shamaya has positioned herself as one of music's catalysts for social change." — Revolver Magazine

Broken Image

Broken Image has had a few mental makeovers. After a much needed break from live shows to focus on their music to create their own sound, they are back in full force with a new outlook on their music and they're ready to tear it up. Broken image isn't about trying to play every single note on every song. They try to write songs that are upbeat, heavy and energetic. They write their songs keeping i
n mind how they will go live. Their music is for the fans, giving them the opportunity to let out all of their pent up emotions in some killer pits. Broken image is, 100%, a live band. If you really want to know what this band is all about, you've got to see them on stage and not just listen to their CD. Even though a lot of time and effort goes into the recording process, the real masterpiece is their live performance. So much passion goes into their set that there have been numerous injuries and hospitalizations after shows. Catch Broken Image live….you won't regret it.


In 2010, metal band VSCRL was formed in Denver, Colorado. Their music fuses heavy and emotive elements, complementing the lyrical themes and adding to their complex sound. Today, vocalist Cory Berthiaume, guitarist Jon Richards, guitarist Francisco Gallegos, drummer Andy Serrano, and bassist Scott Tabor make up the 5-piece band powerhouse.

Their next release is "Singularity", recorded at the famous Colorado Sound Studios. Be on the look out for their first production music video for Singularity

Sound Awake

Bass:Jason Yoder/Vocals
Drums: Lionel White
Lead Guitard/Vocals:Gene Hartwig

We are a 4 piece metal band who has been playing throughout Denver scince the beginning of 2012

The World Over

Official page for The World Over.

"Mountains" is available now at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/mountains-ep/id1273570684
Merch: https://www.districtlines.com/The-World-Over

Midnite Hellion

Out of the barren wastelands of Trenton, NJ, comes MIDNITE HELLION! Formed in April 2011, the Heavy Metal trio is hell-bent on bringing proper Metal to the masses by fusing Traditional Heavy Metal with Thrash Metal to create a sound that is relentless and infectious. In their short existence, they have released full-length album, "Condemned To Hell," a 7” single, “Hour of the Wolf,” CD EP, “Enter The Unknown,” and cassette demo, “The Fever,” which all have been met with critical acclaim and high praise.

MIDNITE HELLION has been delivering high-energy live shows since their inception, having toured the Northeast Coast of the US and were also invited to perform at the Ragnarökkr Metal Apocalypse 2014 in Chicago, alongside GRIM REAPER, RIOT, PICTURE, THE SKULL, NIGHT DEMON, and many more. Locally, they have most recently supported EXODUS and OBITUARY in September 2017, and have also supported YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN, UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER, OVERKILL, PRONG, MUNICIPAL WASTE, RAVEN, DIAMOND HEAD, OZ, ARTILLERY, OBITUARY, BLOOD FEAST, WHIPLASH, DECEASED, MORBID SAINT, ANVIL BITCH, SWASHBUCKLE, and REVOCATION, to name a few.

Armed with their new full-length, the band is hell-bent on bringing their brand of Heavy Metal to the world.

$25.00 - $250.00


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