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The Revival House is a platform to celebrate the experience of going to the movies. Our mission is to foster a community through the shared experience of film and presenting programs that are unique, entertaining, and fun. Within the walls of the historic Milton Theatre, we hope to provide monthly screenings equally dedicated to cinema and community.

Elena Louvis

From Elena Louvis:

Thomas Merton once said, "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." He's exactly right. We are exposed to art every day, and whether it's eccentric "street art" on the walls of a boring building, or the music you hear on the radio, art finds us. We love art, and we criticize it; we ignore it, and we depend on it. As for me, I depend on the art of music completely.

Being a 17 year old from Delaware, I'm privileged to call music my life. I listen to, play, sing, and write music. When people listen to me perform, they always tell me how awesome it must be to be the "star of the show". But in my life, music has stolen the spotlight.

Like many other 6 year-old kids, I wanted to be a famous singer. When I began learning piano and guitar at the age of 8, I was not very fond of discipline. But gradually, dedication to learning music became natural. I started off playing songs at open mic nights, and now am booking three hour gigs on a week night.

If you had asked me a year ago what music meant to me, I would've probably said something like "I love it" and left it at that. But I've experienced a change during my transition to junior year of high school; it's a shift that I can't necessarily identify with words, but one that you can definitely hear. Music is now the foundation, the motivation, and the goal behind everything I do. Most of my free time is dedicated to practicing, learning, and sharing my music with other people. I currently play covers and aim to continue building my songwriting capabilities.

By pursuing my career in music, I have confidence that I will learn more about myself and the world along the way. I hope to see you there.

Thank you.

Winter Beach Day

A Local-Foreign Film of Cinema Verité Fantasy. The Silicato Boys, equipped with camera gear and warm clothes, travel to multiple Delaware Beaches on a cold winter day. It is a story of a family spanning time together along the Delaware Coastline. Their journey is dubiously interpreted and narrated by the legendary and mythical French documentarian, Francois Étouffée.
Director - Dante Silicato

Classtral Project

While stuck in class, a bored college student astral projects out of his body to attend his friends birthday party.
Director: Brian Diroff

Don't Save Me

Jason Quick sees Jon Jon stealing at a store and decides to approach him to speak about the consequences of his actions. Thing is, is Jon Jon quite the one with an evolving encounter or is Jason reminded of a past he did not realize still exists?
Director - Tee Forest, Lanae Gray

Fresh Green

In an empty bar, a lone patron plays a game of pool. Animated short
Director - Ida Greenberg

Medium Rare

Get inside the mind of the enigmatic and introspective rapper/beat-maker George Glas.
Director - William Christopher Strang-Moya

Sleep is for the Week

A student insomniac struggles to keep up with the ongoing pressure of high school.
Director - Maximillian Remmler

Alone With Company

Mia was just about to end her life. She was starving, freezing, and wandering out in the middle of nowhere. Moments before pulling the trigger, she's distracted by the sound of a nearby gunshot. Riley, a weary hermit, stumbles upon her while hunting and offers her food and shelter. Although skeptical of her story, Riley finds himself drawing parallels to his own life and how he managed to resort to isolation. What comes of this seemingly impossible meeting is a chance for them to find redemption for their grief and guilt within a cursed and quiet forest.
Director - Doug Cannon

OC Inlet

A comedic look at the story uncovered by investigative reporter Flake Newsmin, about the Ocean City Inlet being made by a sea monster rather than the hurricane of 1933.

Director – Brett Hammond

Netflix Intervention

A group of friends confront a young man who faces a growing addiction.

Director: Brett Snyder

The Bounty

A bounty hunter is determined to hunt down her target, no matter the cost.

Director: Jeff Melvin

I Am Viking

A young Norwegian attempts to acclimate to civilian life, far from his native land.

Director: Olivia Tennefoss

The Thesis

A college student struggles to find inspiration for his final film project.

Director: John Kyritsis



Local Film Festival at 7pm.

Live Music 6pm: Elena Louvis

Artist: Valerie Wilbur

15+ beers. 7 wines. Craft Maine Root Sodas. Tons of snack food. 

Delaware and its surrounding area are filled with a number of talented artists, and this showcase is designed to highlight some of the best in film from around the state and beyond. Join us for a curated selection of shorts from The Small Wonder.


The historic Milton Theatre is a uniquely diverse venue where you will find the best local, regional, national, and international talent. Free municipal and on-street parking are available. Full bar and light food options available. This facility is fully accessible.

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