Triple Threat Training

Triple Threat Training

A key term in musical theatre training is learning to be a ‘triple threat performer’, which means the ability to act, sing and dance to a high standard. The Triple Threat classes at the Milton Theatre bring these three disciplines together into a unified whole. The emphasis in these classes is to strengthen each of the elements equally to create a well-rounded Triple Threat performer.



The Triple Threat Training program runs from Jan 23-May 18, 2019. $180 program fee. No class February 13 and April 24. Audition required and must be a member of the Musical Theatre Ensemble Cast. Only 10 students are accepted into the each level per session. Triple Threat 1 6-10yrs 4:30-5:30pm and Triple Threat 2 7:30-8:30pm 11-16yrs. Bring Jazz Shoes and wear danceable clothing. Costume requirement for shows: black jazz shoes, black jazz pants, branded shirt that is new each year.

Spring Performance Schedule:

Feb 2 - Funsters Dance Party Fundraiser for the Education Scholarship Fund 8pm (all)

March 17 - Harry Potter Film 2pm (all)

Mar 31 - Broadway Cabaret 6pm (optional)

April 7 - Easter Bunny Tea 2pm (Triple Threat 2)

May 17-18 - Spring Shows 17th 7pm and 18th 2pm (all)

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