Darryl Rahn

Darryl Rahn is a central New York native currently based in Brooklyn. His distinct voice and narrative lyricism have earned him spots on the same stage as Guster, Wild Child, Moe., and many more. He is currently on the road supporting his latest LP, Making Strangers, which was released on August 31, 2018.

"It isn’t often that a palpable room-wide reaction to a performer can be spotted, especially on the Lower East Side where everyone is seemingly already over the next big thing." - Ron Boling, Imperfect Fifth

"When someone can captivate you with just a voice and a guitar they're doing something right" - Brian Rosenworcel of Guster

“Rahn exemplifies a Josh Ritter type in both instrumentation and public representation--a dazzling persona. ” - Sam Newman-Plotnick, Cornell Radio



GA Seated || Please note, there is a two drink minimum in the room.

Advance tickets are available online until 5:30PM, day of show. Any remaining tickets can be purchased at the door at showtime.

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