Musicians Resistance - Sing Loud, Speak Louder!

Musicians Resistance - Sing Loud, Speak Louder!

$15 Suggested Donation at the door.

The Musicians Resistance is here to fight for social justice using music to bring people together. We are a group of Colorado bands and singer-songwriters who want to be part of a change in Colorado and across the country. Come out for a great concert, meet some candidates and be a part of the blue wave we are hoping will wash over Colorado this November. YOUR VOTE MATTERS! All Proceeds from the night will go to the Colorado Democratic Party.

Famous Men

Famous Men is a roots/folk/rock band from Boulder, CO. The band focuses on the folk tradition of songwriting paired with the live performance and energy of rock and roll.

The trio features the slide guitar and vocals of Hunter Stone and a rhythm section of singers; Joe Plante (Bass) and Joshua Thomas (Drums). The three musicians met in 2017 and started honing their live performances through busking on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. Playing on the street, the group learned how to use high energy sets, danceable grooves and three-part harmonies to stop people in their tracks.

Famous Men takes its name from a non-fiction literary work by James Agee called "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men." In this book, Agee chronicles the stories of poor white southern tenement farmers during The Great Depression, telling the story of people who would be forgotten by time. The idea of the title is all people are famous in their own right and we impress the generations around us.

Famous Men's debut record features performances by notable guests including Bridget Law (Fiddle; formerly of Elephant Revival), Jeb Bows (Fiddle; Gasoline Lollipops, Gregory Alan Isakov) and Chris Plante (Keys; The Brew). The release, slated for spring 2018, sounds like early Stones going on a bender with The Wood Brothers, The Black Keys and Ryan Adams.

Billy Shaddox

I came off a year and half of promoting and touring in support of my last album "I Melt, I Howl" and retreated to my home in the mountains above Lyons Colorado, where I set up a studio in my garage. I was feeling inspired, a little homesick, and hungry for some re-connection time with my family and the land we live on. I felt compelled to dig deeper into my creative self than I ever had in the past when setting out to record an album. I wanted to extract the most personal and intimate songs that I possibly could for this recording. I set about doing so in my studio and over the course of many nights, mornings, and everything in between, I tracked and produced "The Record Keeper". While it features other musicians playing throughout, it was largely performed by me.

It is a nod to the Humpback whale, as shown on the cover art and the frequent subject of my paintings, this powerful animal, often called the Record Keeper, is said to teach us about listening to the inner voice, understanding the impact of our emotions, and following own truths. She is watchful eye in a chaotic world that sometime works to sway us off track. Everything about this album, from being self produced and recorded at home, to the stories that unfold in the music, tells of a return to self, a grounding, and firm planting of roots in a space that has been so long sought after. This album is an honest presentation of a time defined by a quest endured for independence and place in the world while holding true to self.

Carolyn Hunter of The Heartstring Hunters

The Heartstring Hunters is an indie-folk band who ventured west to Boulder, Colorado from a tiny surf island on the east coast of Florida. Featuring singer-songwriter Carolyn Nicely, producer/mulit-instrumentalist Daniel Hunter, bassist Alessandro Ceserani, drummer Alex Heaton, and vocalist Rachael Sheaffer. The Heartstring Hunters will hit you in waves of incandescent harmonies while shades of their southern roots peek through.
The band is now sweeping across Colorado opening for acts such as Karla Bonoff & The Leftover Cuties at Swallow Hill in Denver, and SHEL in Salida, CO. They were showcased at the Boulder Theater this summer and have been stirring up Farmer's Markets and Street Fairs from Crested Butte to Steamboat Springs sharing stories of love and optimism amidst hardship.
Carolyn Nicely, born and raised in Virginia, has been described by many as having "the voice of an angel." She opened for "Elephant Revival" at the South Dakota Hemp Hoe Down in 2010 and performed along with "Beartoe" at the Suwanee Springfest in Live Oak, FL with headliners "The Punch Brothers." While she would describe some of her influences as Natalie Merchant, Jewel, or The Cranberries, most listeners lovingly match her to the tones of Joni Mitchell.
Together, Dan and Carolyn have toured the US, The Virgin Islands, and China, and co-founded the travel/song blog "" inspiring people to follow their dreams. With their previous band, a 6-piece folk band, "The FAM Band" they released albums "Live from the Garage" and "Floating on Eire" and built a loyal fan-base out of Florida.
The Heartstring Hunters continue to do so here in the west and will be recording their debut studio EP this winter. Keep your eyes open for this bloomin' force of young folk.

Erin Peet-Lukes of Thunder and Rain

Erinn is was raised on the southern California shores and started playing open mics at 16. Ever since, she's been performing her original songs at bars, cafes and street corners in Seattle and New York City.

Pete was raised in the mountains of Colorado, surrounded by mountain streams, pine trees, and country music. A picker turned songwriter, Pete and his mandolin have collaborated with many Denver based projects.

The two met in Seattle and have been playing music together ever since. They now play their western style folk in Pete's hometown of Golden, Colorado. They play house parties, bars, breweries, your backyard, your room, your soul.

Dallas Thornton

Boulder, CO-bred Dallas Thornton is an Indie-Pop/Rock artist and producer known for his high-energy performances and positive message. He has played for audiences in 9 countries and from coast to coast of the U.S. His band, creatively called Dallas Thornton Band, is currently touring for 2018 album, "Talking To Myself." Featuring Max DeVincenzo on drums and David Bergner on bass, often with special guests and surprises, the live show is a danceable and special experience.


Free Thinker, Nice Nihilist, Loving Athiest, Thankful Human that we live in such an enlightened time! Our teeny tiny planet is a dust speck in the vast known multi-verse. Photos taken by the hubble telescope show that our galaxy is just a tiny bright spot in the vastness of space. What a miracle that on our tiny blue dot ,that happens to be in the goldilocks zone of our sun, their are tiny conscious specks who can breath the atmosphere safely and thrive! Live, love, create, make new life and expereince a vast spectrum of emotions. Everyday of life is precious, the results of the laws of physics and the prior state of the universe. Don’t spend one moment of your life worrying about death or making up fictions to help you feel better about the end of your life. What a lottery you have already won by being here now! There is nothing more miraculous and wondrous then learning the science behind how we are here. This is what I sing about.

The Catcalls

Smokey, sultry, bluesy rock

Jesse Maclaine & the Scotch

Singer-pianist-composer, Jesse Maclaine, has created a unique, soulful jazz-rock-folk-pop sound with Aural Elixir. Often compared to Tori Amos & Joni Mitchell, Jesse Maclaine performs both solo & ensemble as Aural Elixir. Classically trained & steeped in jazz traditions, Aural Elixir delivers an exciting new sound inspired by New Orleans, music history, & the diversity of modern life.

Sisko Floyd

Sisko Floyd, is an alias, a work of fiction. My legal name does not sound like a song writer,musician's name. However, Sisko Floyd conveys a sense of youth even though youth left me long ago. Sisko Floyd is cool, where I am not. I was a nerd before nerds were named. My mom would say, "I am partly truth and partly fiction."

I have been writing and playing music for over 40 years. I was not very good for many years, and as I got better, I got older. Life and it's responsibilities derailed me from music as a profession and I made my living by working in other capacities. However, music was always in the background. In my work, I often traveled but carried a guitar with me so that I could write songs and practice. I wrote many songs as I missed my wife and kids. It also kept me out of the bars and away from other hazards of the road.

$15 Suggested Donation at the Door

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