Electric Howlers, DANTE HH, House Full Of Thieves, James and the Transmission, Indiana Bradley

Electric Howlers

Electric Howlers is a Corona/Riverside at based band. We have a very wide range of musical influences that have created our unique rock and roll sound. With Captain Mondo banging on the drums, Big Bad Blues Daddy shredding lead guitar, David Doom holding down the Rhythm, Big Papi slapping the bass like it owes him money and she bear hitting notes on the mic that will make you tingle from your head all the way down your toes

DANTE HH is a hard hitting rock 'n roll band from the street gutters of Bogota, Colombia. They become hellounds at night. Relocated to Los Angeles , California as of 2017.

House Full Of Thieves

James and the Transmission

James and The Transmission have been obliterating stages the past two years, accompanying an EP release series tearing the mask off a weak LA crossover scene, injecting their songs with stark, gripping lyrical imagery, while firing up a chokehold of captivating and even vicious rock and roll.
Applying a regional DIY ethos to each project owed to the hardscrabble of their upbringing, the two short releases were independently written, recorded, and mixed by the band.
The first installment volume Rojo was released March 2018, and gained them many fans who just had to see them live. The second, Giallo, sees its release this Fall 2018 but with mastering done by Greg Lurssen (Queens of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters). He deepens their dark and propelling sound, making the gleaming construction of their songcraft both beautiful and dangerous.
James and the Transmission is a band of two brothers, Giovanni James and Nico Miles, and one Tony, bassist Antonio Argenis. They were three kids from the Inland Empire tired of the apathy coming out of their local music scenes — but more importantly, the lethargy and complacency in the current state of rock music.
The lyrics of songs like crushing opening single “Private Underground” address fear, hope, paranoia and hypocrisy head on, with Stoic, unifying results. These were tracks meant to pump your fist to and raise a pint glass to celebrate. Lighters in the sky material, meant for the sweat and heat of your favorite dank dive.
Under a different moniker, the band had been playing together since 2009 and took a hiatus between 2013-2015. After relocating to Los Angeles, their focus plan since reforming has been to bring a dark urban authenticity back to the forefront of rock music while changing its rules along the way.
Anyone who is a fan of Arctic Monkeys, Jack White, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queens of The Stone Age, Nirvana etc. should be able to get on board and join the party.

Indiana Bradley's style is simple, melodic, and real. Raised in Indiana yet having lived in dozens of countries from Argentina to South Africa to Indonesia stories accumulated and perceptions were made which he translates into his melodic sound through heavy guitars and keys. His baritone growl draws comparisons to Nick Cave and Johnny Cash accented with his own lyrical style that ranges from story telling to raw emotional confusion. Indiana Bradley has traveled a long way. He hopes you enjoy his songs.



  • 8:15 - James & the Transmission
  • 9:00 - House Full Of Thieves 
  • 9:45 - Electric Howlers
  • 10:35 - Dante 
  • 11:45 - Indiana Bradley 

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