Casey Veggies

Casey Veggies

American rapper born July 18, 1993 in Inglewood, California.

Angel Mercado aka Kronika is a core member and a familiar presence in the Los Angeles music scene.

Through her soundcloud mixes (or as she playfully calls them “Mixtures”) and her DJ and A&R positions for Los Angeles based record label/movement "Soulection," Kronika has become a trusted source for global audience interested in learning about new artists and over all discovering quality music.

Having commanded a wide range of dance floors from major cities in the U.S., to the legendary Low End Theory, SXSW and Jazz Reggae Fest, as well as joining the Swedish band Little Dragon on their 2017 Spring Tour, etc., Kronika is known for her vast musical knowledge, truthfully nurtured from her early years growing up in the Philippines.

Kronika is a powerhouse of musical knowledge, constantly sharing her divine energy with the world.

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