The Soft Moon  with HIDE and Textbeak

‘Criminal’, The Soft Moon's fourth studio album, released by Sacred bones on Febuary 2nd 2018, is a confessional
work. Through the stark lens of shame and guilt that has followed Luis Vasquez since a violent childhood growing up
within the humming ambient sprawl of 80s Mojave Desert, here he documents the gut-wrenching sound of going to war
with himself. Battling with his own sanity, self-hatred, insecurity, self-entitlement and grappling with the risk of these
things transforming him into a person he despises, Vasquez has laid his feelings bare with this: his confession and
most self-reflective work to date.
“Guilt is my biggest demon and has been following me since childhood. Everything I do strengthens the narrative that I
am guilty” Vasquez reflects. “The concept of ‘Criminal’ is a desperate attempt to find relief by both confessing to my
wrongdoings and by blaming others for their wrongdoings that have affected me.”
‘Criminal’ marks a striking and important chapter in his self-exploration, both artistically and emotionally. As a young
musician living in Oakland, Vasquez began to try and process the narrative of his difficult upbringing veiled through
musical exploration. Taking krautrock's motorik beats and Post-Punk deconstructions and honing them into a hushed
percussive incantation, The Soft Moon's self-titled debut album took shape. The album was released in late 2010 by
Captured Tracks and was praised by critics and emulated by contemporaries.
In 2012 the apocalyptic conceptual work of Zeros emerged, shortly followed by Vasquez moving to Venice, Italy in
2013, acting as a catalyst for 2014’s release, Deeper. While previous albums were primarily instrumental records,
where Vasquez’s voice was diffused amidst the music as another instrument, Deeper marked the beginning of a new
musical direction where vocals and lyrics became something more than a mere presence. Deeper was a descent into
the womb of childhood trauma, anxiety and fear, and although Vasquez survived this dark exploration of himself, he did
not return alone.
Working once more with Maurizio Baggio, who produced Deeper, at La Distilleria in Bassano Del Grappa, Italy,
‘Criminal’ sees Vasquez further explore putting his lyrics at the forefront and letting his raw emotions flow. The album
begins with a confrontation with his true self through the torrid bass lines and searing vocals of “Burn”; a song evoking
a loss of control akin to demonic possession, stating: "Eyes, reflecting the person that I am, and it burns". In this track
Vasquez's guilt bores deeper and deeper into a condemnation that ultimately is: "Fire, hell is where I'll go to live, so I
“Burn” is followed by the caustic bass, mechanized rhythms, and numbing emulsions of “Choke,” a song about the
amplifying and anesthetizing effect of cocaine, a drug whose darker side Vasquez is not unfamiliar with. The next track
“Give Something” is a subterranean love song from the deepest depths, with harrowingly despondent lyrics, seeking
hope in a sea of shame.
The album continues its thematic inner conflict in the Industrial/EBM percussion and distorted high attack bass of “Like
a Father”, a song reflecting Vasquez's anger towards the father that abandoned him. “This head is a problem/You're
the ghost of my problem/Something's got to give” pleads Vasquez as revving guitars invoke chainsaws before the
song’s final lines search for closure: to kill the father within himself.
The album closes with title track “Criminal”; a despondent resignation to guilt; bereft, broken, and bruised, with lyrics
that confess: “It's the way I cross the line, it's the way I open, it's the way to my decline, it's the way I'm broken”. The
song, like the album itself, is Vasquez's way of holding himself accountable and seeking redemption for the abuse he
inflicts on himself, and acknowledges roots in the abuse which, inflicted upon him as a child, broke him.

On Nov 2nd 2018, Sacred Bones, in collaboration with Berlin-based label aufnahmeundwiedergabe, will release
‘Criminal Remixed’ on vinyl as two MAXI 12”s and as a digital album. The release will include remixes by the following
artists: Imperial Black Unit (France), Sarin (Canada), Lokier (Mexico), SHXCXCHCXSH (Sweden), Ansome (UK),
Craow (USA), Rendered (Germany/France) & The Horrorist (USA).


Mike Textbeak has a long history in electronic and industrial music with his releases on labels such as Tundra (San Francisco), Lasergun (Berlin), Post_Religion, Bleak (Vienna), Pale Noir (Madison, WI), Vaatican Records (France), Xynthetic (Canada), 21/22 Corp, Swishcotheque (UK), Colin Johnco (France), and many more. He co-owns the Philtre Com imprint with co-conspirator Claus Muzak aka Lucas Kuzma of The Strange Agency (musical instrument iPhone iPad app company). He was commissioned for mixing the Precarious mix for Disaro Records, a mix for Ritual Chicago, Hip Hop Break It Radio out of Houston, the official Grim Harvest Halloween 2012 Mixtape for Мишка with actor Omar Doom (Inglorious Basterds), XLVR for the clothing company NVR MND, the massive 5 hour 3 part COVENFVCK mix, mixes for Pulse Radio (UK), PBS (Australia), Clan Destine Records (UK), and AMDISCS label in the Czech Republic among many others.

His music has been featured on compilations with artists such as Coil, Attrition, Sleepchamber, Nocturnal Emissions, and Portion Control. He has opened for Sinden, Umberto, Tamara Sky, Bestial Mouths, Larry Tee, Nitzer Ebb, Light Asylum, Test Department, Skin Town (Nick Turko of Zola Jesus), Meat Beat Manifesto, and The Legendary Pink Dots to name a few. He has remixed many artists including Architect (Daniel Myer of Haujobb's solo work on the Hymen label), Tamara Sky (DJ/Model Lil Death LA), 3 Teeth (upcoming on Artoffact Records), Blush Response, Bestial Mouths (ClanDestine Records), and ∆AIMON (Tundra/Artoffact). From the early ‘90s Columbus, Ohio electronic music scene, when Mike was a member of Body Release with Titonton Duvante (Residual Records), Todd Sines (Frankie, Planet E, Peacefrog, YORE, Seventh City), and Charles Noel (aka ARCHETYPE, ARCH_TYP…21/22 Corp, Bag Pak), through the mid ’90s early 2000’s with his band Bath, to his current endeavors, he has always pushed the envelope with his compositions, visual artwork, text collages, and genre-blasting DJ sets.

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