The Deep Dark Woods

The Deep Dark Woods

Folk rock band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada founded 2005.

Kacy & Clayton

In Greek mythology, the sirens were mystical creatures whose magnetic voices and enchanting
songs lured enraptured sailors to their doom. Kacy & Clayton’s haunting, evocative music has a
similarly intoxicating effect on present-day listeners.

On their second New West release The Siren's Song —produced by a vowed K&C admirer Jeff
Tweedy—the startlingly expressive voice and violin of Kacy Anderson combine with the intricate
guitar work and warm harmony vocals of her cousin and musical partner Clayton Linthicum.
They make music that seems to exist outside of time, tapping into centuries of tradition while
effortlessly channelling fundamental human truths. Their 2016 New West debut Strange Country
earned the Canadian twosome an enthusiastic following on both sides of the border, and The
Siren's Song looks likely to expand their audience further.

Kacy & Clayton's music taps into a bottomless well of folk and country influences from North
America and the British Isles, injecting centuries of musical and cultural history with youthful
energy and a modern sensibility. Their vivid, character-filled songs explore the singers' rural
roots, often addressing dark and bittersweet lyrical subjects in a manner that counterpoints the joyous uplift of the pair's musical chemistry.

Kacy & Clayton met Jeff Tweedy—whose production resume includes albums with the likes of
Richard Thompson, Mavis Staples and White Denim—when they shared a bill with Wilco in San
Francisco’s in September 2016.

"He said, 'If you're coming through Chicago, you should come by the Loft,'" Clayton recalls. "We
were going through Chicago a few weeks later, so we stopped by and he showed us around the
studio. We talked about rural Canada, where we're from, and rural Illinois, where he's from, and
he said if we ever wanted to make a record there, he'd be glad to help us. So that's what we did.
It's a very comfortable place to make music, with a comfortable atmosphere and lots of soft
surfaces to sit on."

"Jeff's very positive, and very good at inspiring performances," Clayton adds. "He would often
tell us that we were being too hard on ourselves. Once we got onto the same page where we
could refer to older records that we all have in common, that's when things really started to
cook. If we were trying to communicate how a part should fit in the mix, we'd say, it should
sound more like the piano on Link Wray's chicken-shack LPs, or we'd say that something should
sound like John Renbourn's acoustic lead tones on that Pentangle song, or the Sir Douglas
Quintet's ride cymbal sound. That's how Kacy and I communicate, and eventually we got Jeff on
board with that."

Having recorded The Siren's Song with their new rhythm section, Kacy & Clayton plan on touring
behind the album as a full-on four-piece combo. "There's a little less room in the truck," Clayton
observes, "but otherwise it's pretty fun. It's fun to travel with more of a team, and musically
there's a lot more possibilities within the dynamic range of a four-piece band."

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