The Mystos, Joker's Hand, CAT

he Mystos came to fruition when a couple weeks of casual jam sessions amongst friends evolved into something more structured. Based in Ventura, CA, their sound can best be described as modern indie prog-rock, with some blues, jazz, and pop elements peppered in. Their diverse musical backgrounds converge on a shared desire to push boundaries and create nuanced, often multi-movement tracks that are still easily digestible to the ear. They released their first EP, “Joey’s Garage”, in March 2018 and are currently working on their first full-length album.

Joker’s Hand is an American rock band formed in Santa Cruz, California in 2017. The group consists of Kevin Kawano (vocals, guitar, bass) and Matt Lau (vocals, guitar, bass, piano). The duo is an independent act, recording and producing their own music and videos. Their music is rooted primarily in rock, with influences from pop, alternative, punk, reggae and ska. The duo’s sound has been described as melodic with vocal harmony hooks and intricate guitar work.

CAT is a New Wave junkie who can’t drink black coffee. With her sultry songbird tones and dark synth, CAT Identifies as an Art Pop Singer/Songwriter influenced by pop culture and style. Using elements of Classic Rock and Pop, her songs are expressive and playful with lyrics that romanticize the mundane in everyday life.



  • 8:15 - CAT
  • 9:45 - Joker's Hand
  • 10:35 - The Mystos

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