ATLAAS is an electro-R&B trio out of Winnipeg spearheaded by singer and songwriter Heather Thomas, and backed by electric guitarist Charlotte Friesen and drummer Luke Janzen. Their self-titled EP is defined by Thomas' expressive voice and emotional storytelling. "Each song is a story of a relationship in my life." Says Thomas. The debut single, Sleep, discusses the tendency to let go of one's own needs and assimilate into a long-term relationship, which can be both beautiful and destructive.

Dreamy vocals and raucous guitar riffs punctuate ATLAAS’ music, transporting audiences with a sound described by CBC music as “like Bjork grew up on the prairies listening to Kraftwerk and Motown".

Members Heather Thomas and Ricardo Lopez-Aguilar released their first EP 'ONE' in November 2014. They are currently partnering with local artists and filmmakers to create a unique multimedia performance experience.


Focusing on those big sounds and the spaces in between, VIKINGS' music is equal parts dance-worthy and expansive synth trip. Featuring the earworm vocals of Josh Youngson, long ago punk-singer now falsetto-wielding crowd-mover. Flanked by two brothers, Dave and James McNabb, each manning a bastion of synths. Luke Janzen on drums, adds the foundation, taking VIKINGS out of the box and onto the dance floor. Newly joined member JNL (Jon'Nathon Lawrence) a French house mastermind. Animal Kingdom EP was released on March 10th 2017 and will be followed by Electric Life, the band’s debut full length album, September 25th 2018.

$15.00 - $20.00


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