Madeleine McMillan

Madeleine McMillan

I’m a singer and songwriter in NYC. I don’t just make music. I live for music.

When I was 8, my grandparents bought me a used, out of shape piano from their neighbors. The piano bench still had some of their beginner piano lesson books in it. I used the books to teach myself to read music and play piano.

Then, a few years later, when I was 11, I began writing my own songs. Writing never felt like a choice. It was something I did because I needed to -- like breathing.

Later, I attended LaGuardia High School as a voice major, and earned a degree in studio composition from SUNY Purchase.

Now, I teach music, and continue my own music education - taking private lessons every week and performing my throughout NYC (Rockwood Music Hall, City Winery, Shrine and more).

People often say my music and lyrics resonate with them, because they have lived similar experiences to the ones I have shared. It is my hope that my music can help others, just as music has helped me.

I can’t wait to share my new song, “Matchbook,” with you, which releases on Sept. 14th.



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