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Gideon King & City Blog

In 2015, Gideon King & City Blog(GKCB) released a full length CD, City Blog. The music was met with wide critical acclaim, as the Huffington Post called King a “musical genius” and countless publication praised the musicianship and subtlety of the work. King has a reputation as a rising force in the New York fusion/rock/jazz scene and has worked with John Scofield, members of Steely Dan, Conrad Sewell, and many other musical giants.

GKCB will be releasing their newest album, Upscale Madhouse, in March of 2018 and studio reports suggest that if anything the work is even more refined, abstract, and compelling than in the first release. The album features musical luminaries such as solo artist Marc Broussard, Grammy winner Grace Weber (Chance The Rapper), legendary guitarist John Scofield, Conrad Sewell (Kaigo), Elliott Skinner (Third Story), Gregoire Moiret (The Pat Metheny Group), James Genus (Daft Punk, Herbie Hancock), Kevin Hayes (John Scofield, Steve Gadd), Carolyn Leonhart (Steely Dan), Donny McCaslin (David Bowie), Brendan Fletcher (semifinalist on The Voice), and many more top flight musicians.

It doesn’t stop there though, as the album includes work from established New York City session musicians and producers such as Adrian Harpham (Dr. John, Joss Stone), Nathan Peck (Alex Skolnick Trio), Grammy winner Luques Curtis (Eddie Palmieri), Donald Edwards (Wynton Marsalis, Freddie Hubbard), Bryan Reeder (Chris Norton), among others. He has also introduced a number of incredibly talented up-and-coming musicians into the mix such as Kate Kelsey-Sugg, Mike Stephensen, and Liam Budge.

GKCB is excited to announce that as part of their evolution they are at long last performing live. King has assembled an impressive group of musicians, nearly all of whom are part of Upscale Madhouse, to perform in select venues. The first few shows have been packed-house affairs and extremely well-received.



Please note, there is a one drink minimum for this show (standing and bar stools) and two drink minimum at tables.

Limited seating is available on a first come first served basis.

Advance tickets are available online until 5:30PM, day of show. Any remaining tickets can be purchased at the door at showtime.

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