Cigarette - a group residing in Washington, DC - enjoys a touch of mystique. The music is emotional, yet understated. Warm, but genteel. A rococo take on slowcore. Formed in 2010 in Arlington, VA the band is Drew Hagelin (drums), Evan Napala (guitar, voice), Jonathan Howard (guitar voice), and Richard Howard (bass, voice).

Dreamcast is a singer, songwriter, percussionist & DJ from Washington, D.C. His soulful voice has filled venues all along the east coast. His latest EP titled Dreamcast Vol.3 sonically combines house, jazz, r&b and future sounds giving it a nostalgic yet innovative aesthetic. He recently collaborated with Swedish producer Sasac on his single “Liquid Deep”. His silky smooth voice coupled with the track’s laid back funk received many raving reviews including one from the Washington Post. This sumptuous love song was officially released on a physical vinyl record via the funk label Peoples Potential Unlimited.


best known by the recording alias IMKA FKA Flash Frequency , is an African-American composer, producer of ambient, house, hip-hop and experimental electronic music.
While being a master with the multimedia language over the course of 8 years, he’s also a graphic design, 3D animation composer, director, photographer and founder of the record label, Evidence of Yesterday.



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