Ideat Village Rock Lottery

Ideat Village Rock Lottery

Drawn by lot, chosen at random, a few dozen fearless musicians step forward for an unforgettable one-off gig. Brand new local Super Groups, created on the spot from a pool of participating guitarists, bassists, vocalists, drummers and other players who have never played together before, face off for the Rock Lottery show-down.

Come out and see what happens when random musicians are thrown together by serendipity, are given challenging and confounding musical tasks to master, and (just to add a little more pressure), are "judged" by an esteemed panel of Rock Lottery participants from previous years. Don't miss these performances!

Note: The Rock Lottery "competition" is open to all musicians, regardless of genre, instrument and skill level. To sign up, email Ideat Village (ideatvillage @ For details:



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