The 4onthefloor

The 4onthefloor

"This heavy Minneapolis foursome's moniker refers to the unique method they employ to keep perfect, 4/4 time: each member hits a bass drum simultaneously with his foot while playing his instrument! A strange setup, yes; but it's in no way a distraction – they're so in-sync it sounds like one drumbeat… In addition to their focused, razor-sharp attack, their other secret weapon is the dynamic, jaw-dropping voice of Gabriel Douglas. He effortlessly toggles between a whiskey-fueled, gravelly drawl and a stimulating, larynx shredding bellow." – THE BIG TAKEOVER

"Douglas is about as nice and as warm as a man can be and yet, he's a barrelhouse of sparks and anguish, of grumbling and steam… He gets riled up and he sometimes sounds like Jim Morrison when he does… It's the kind of music that you stomp to, that you listen to when you're a couple drinks in to let yourself feel a little bit better." – DAYTROTTER

"Wooly-bearded frontman Gabriel Douglas is a deft rawwwk howler with deep, devilish undertones, sort of an unholy blend of Patterson Hood and Glenn Danzig. And the whole unit has an uncanny tightness, which may or may not come from the inherent fact that they all have to literally play in step." – THE STAR TRIBUNE

"Finally – from Minnesota a quartet of young lions who have released sixteen large slabs of blues that don't beg for attention – they command your ear and your ear is happy". – THE DEAD HUB

Tigerman WOAH

Tigerman Woah is a rock and roll band from Lynn, MA that's been singing and hollering and stomping their working-class boots since 2012.

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