David August

The first shafts of morning light creep over the hilltop terraces, illuminating the ancient commune of Palestrina - David August breathes new air. Born in Hamburg in 1990, August composes and performs multifaceted electronic music with hopeful tones and a human aesthetic. “Creating music - the act of creating in general - should be free from rationalization. In the best case, relying solely on subconsciousness communication,” says the classi- cally trained multi-instrumentalist. Speaking with David, one immediately realizes the value that he places upon his well-earned artistic independence and steadfast sincerity. This hard-fought pursuit can be traced clearly through the producer’s recorded works; from a string of early dance singles and remixes (2010-2014), followed by his cele- brated debut album, Times (2013), to a handful of genre-defying outings on Ninja Tune sub-label, Counter Records (2016), the Tonmeister graduate (2017) continues to uncloak hidden inner paths yet to be discovered.

It is precisely this sense of conviction that has lured August to Palestrina, a crumbling, lesser-known, rural town, resting high in the peaks of Monti Prenestini, a colossal mountain range, towering across central Italy. The birthplace of his mother, this highland outpost has, as of recent, casted rays of inspiration upon the young musi- cian. “After 26 years, I suddenly feel the urgency to connect actively with my Mediterranean provenience and cul- ture. Although always present in me, I rather kept it hidden, private and absent from my creative work. These roots have always evoked the stronger emotions within me.”

While his live-show takes various shapes and forms, free improvisation lives at the core of the artist’s fasci- nation. Whether he performs solo for the Boiler Room (2014) or a Resident Advisor Live Session (2015), recruits trusted musicians as part of his Ensemble (2015-2016), DJ’s traditionally or explores collaboration with the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin (2016), liberating moments of immediate expression remain a constant.

After a year of self-examination and introspection, August re-emerges with a vitalizing, advanced, personal language. Adorning the altars of his newly-founded label, 99 Chants, DCXXXIX A.C. (2018), the first in a series of offerings, basks in shifting, transcendental glow. “Finding the courage to have a true dialogue with myself has been a challenging process. A never-ending path, I hope to explore in the most honest way possible.”

Growing up between New York and the Toronto suburbs, where he absorbed music and inspiration from the library music shelves and many late-night blog trawls, Neonlichter – born Jason Rule – cut his teeth on college radio in Hamilton, DJing before he could even legally take part in his city’s nightlife. Created both as a means to channel his growing love for all things dance music and to learn how to DJ, Jason started Astral Travelling and hosted it for 8 years, playing host to a number of local and international talents including Bradley Zero, Ciel, Karl Meier, Orphx, and Andi Hanley. A year studying in Leeds introduced him to a vibrant young scene he felt was missing at home, and inspired him to start a residency in Hamilton, later interning with The Bunker and WFMU in New York.

A versatile DJ, he’s opened for and played alongside the likes of Gigi Masin, Mike Servito, Scott Zacharias, Maria Minerva, The Revenge, and Jessy Lanza, while mixes for such established platforms as Brilliant Corners, Half Moon, Red Light Radio, and Mysteries Of The Deep showcase his knack for finding contrasts and polymorphic textures across genres. Now back in New York, his new show Days Of Steam represents the next chapter for the rising DJ – about to embark on his first North American tour – dutifully charting his style as it continues to evolve.

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