Busty and the Bass

Busty and the Bass

Busty and the Bass is a nine-piece collective of musicians from across North America who met during their first week studying music at McGill University. Originally born out of small Montreal house parties, over the last three years 'Busty' has evolved into a tight electro-funk band and become one of Canada's most vibrant and exciting new bands.

With wood, brass, and bone in hand, these nine young gentlemen hit the stage. Together, something primal emerges: an identity, a harmony, an underlying power. This force exists in every one of us. We are the tapping feet and swinging hips of a generation. We are Busty and the Bass.

“I write from the heart, and try to be as vulnerable as I can in my music. I’d definitely describe myself as ‘anti-cool. For me it’s about being honest, and humbly creating something new from all the musical influences I’ve been raised on, that have enabled me to now tell my own story.”


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