Emily James, Warren Sellers, Angelica Artifex

Emily James is a pop-influenced singer/songwriter, originally from New York, now based in Los Angeles. Her music contains elements of the music she grew up listening to; pop, rock, blues, Americana, and folk. Emily began writing her first songs when she was 10, and, at 17, released her self-titled EP, "Emily James," in August of 2016. Soon after, she started working on her self-penned, debut album which she wrote "from memories, dreams, and stories that take the listener on a journey through the night, 'til the morning." Emily James' debut album, "Til the Morning," was released on February 9, 2018.

Angelica Artifex

Urban Pop/ World Music, mixed organically with spices from hasty cities with blends of flavors and sounds from the tropics.                                                                        
Growing up in a multicultural family in Sweden meant that it was important for my parents that I explored my heritage. My first destination at 6 months old was Havana, Cuba. From there and any other places in the world I have come to learn the meaning of diversity, flavors, smells, history and sound. Knowledge of culture has influenced my work and my way of thinking. Life itself is fascinating and that is what portrays in my music.

$8.00 - $13.00


  • 7:45 - Angelica Artifex
  • 8:30 - Warren Sellers
  • 9:15 - Emily James

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