V Torres, Fruit Flies, Girl Friday, Red Light Vinyl - Ladies Spin

Hailing from Southern California, indie-rock singer-songwriter V Torres infused a fresh energy and sound into her latest project, five song EP Real Life Love. Like any singer-songwriter, V Torres’ music has matured while continuing to effectively convey her experiences and emotions. The end result blends distinct guitar tones with soulfully truthful vocals and lyrics reminiscent of Mazzy Star and early Sheryl Crow.

Real Life Love EP was released in all digital stores on 11/11/17. Since then Torres has released two singles, Restless Heart on 2/22/18 and her latest Seasons on 6/22/18.

Fruit Flies

The Fruit Flies (Molly Walburn & Danni Parpan) are an indie folk-rock duo originally from Chicago, IL. Now residing in LA, these Midwest-born-and-raised-corn-fed ladies are the perfect mixture of 1 part musical talent, 1 part sassy charm, and 2 parts inappropriate behavior. They’ll open-mouth kiss you with their witty stage banter and their catchy tunes will be stuck in your head for weeks and weeks.

We are Girl Friday and we like power.

Red Light Vinyl - Ladies Spin

Jeli Daniel Began this all Female LA Based Collective of Lady Selectors who Spin West Coast and Classic Sounds through 33s and 45s Curating the Sounds of A Music Revolution.


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