Alba and the Mighty Lions

Alba and the Mighty Lions

A lil' bit country, lil' bit soul, lil' bit rock n' roll. Led by former Del-Reys frontwoman, Alba Ponce de Leon, Alba + The Mighty Lions recalls 70s country rock with its emotionally charged songs, memorable riffs, and sharply written lyrics. The band is comprised of longtime collaborator Mike Deller (Charles Bradley + His Extraordinaires, Budos Band), Derek Nievergelt (Robin McKellen), Robin Schmidt (Ikebe Shakedown), and Marian LiPino (La Luz). Together they blend soulful swampy southern blues with loose rock n' roll vibes. Songs range from painfully desperate pleas to defiant declarations of female strength, with psychedelic cowboy love songs thrown in for good measure. Their forthcoming debut album, recorded by Vince Chiarito (Charles Bradley, Ikebe Shakedown) tows the line between tight arrangement and free-flowing jam session- a tension that echoes the control we seek in life and the heartbreaks that lead us off course.

$10.00 - $12.00


Please note, there is a one drink minimum for this show (standing and bar stools) and two drink minimum at tables.

Limited seating is available on a first come first served basis.

Advance tickets are available online until 5:30PM, day of show. Any remaining tickets can be purchased at the door at showtime.

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