Forward, Warthog, Haram, Headsplitters, Sister Anne


Japanese hardcore punk band with members of Death Side and Insane Youth.


t blows my mind that a single person, let alone a group of people, is able to get anything done in New York City. It's a non-stop claustrophobic hustle. You gotta fight just to get to the train that will probably be delayed and covered in a stranger's blood. Isn't everyone a stranger? Maybe it is that very environment that influences some of the best music of the Americas. It would certainly explain WARTHOG's brutish hardcore punk wildness. Our boys are gearing up to hurt some people. Get mean.

American hardcore band from New York City.


American hardcore / raw-punk band from Brooklyn, New York.


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TONIGHT! Bar opens at 6. Doors at 7. Limited tickets will be available at doors so come early! We'll post when officially sold out. Set times: 730 Sister Anne 805 Headsplitters 840 Haram 915 Warthog 10 Forward.
Then stick around for our monthly Night.Wav - A Synthwave Party - 11-4.

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