These three childhood friends from Connecticut play off of a lifetime of shared experience in their writing and
performance. In a power trio, it's essential that each of the players can utterly captivate you at any given time. Each
individual has a lot of weight to carry and is only as strong as the weakest link. In the studio, as on stage, it seems at first
blush that Jon Grusauskas—delivering lyrics that call for your attention and seamlessly moving from guitar to keys to
samples—is handling the entire upper end of the spectrum... until you consider how broad the melodic embrace of
rhythmatist Rory Dolan and low end wizard Luke Bemand: injecting splashes of color and wicked chops into their heavy
groove foundations or driving assaults, this dynamic battery simultaneously eases and propels lespecial through fractious
changes of mood and tempo. Additionally, whether at the forefront or scattered throughout the mix, all of them use live
looping or triggered samples that contribute to a sound that is far greater than that generally created by three people as
they seek to tap into a primitive past, distorted through the lens of contemporary technology.
The band’s fearless pursuit of a synthesis of the musical idioms that inspire them has, thus far, culminated with the
release of their second album, cheen, on October 31, 2017. Pole vaulting over traditional genres, cheen is a snapshot of a
band flexing their remarkable creative muscles. In a traditional sense, cheen is a risky album: it asks the listener to
suspend a categorical approach and dig into their own eclectic unconsciousness, to adapt a phrase, and appreciate the
flow of the record from start to finish, as it moves guided by an unseen plan. If there is an underlying thematic structure, it
is one that is anchored—musically and lyrically—by horror flicks, 1980s video games and lespecial’s indictment of the
current cultural state of affairs. Not overtly political, angry or morose, cheen seems to observe the zeitgeist and respond to
it. lespecial’s willingness to take this risk of presenting an album full of flavors and feels is a reflection of the respect they
have for their fans, present and future: they simply don't underestimate the listener, and that itself is refreshing.
Never willing to sit back and settle into a groove, lespecial pivoted quickly from touring in support of the release of cheen
into a whole new format: collaborating with and supporting the iconic Bay Area hip-hop emcee and producer, Zion I, on
tour dates and a forthcoming album. There are also plans to release remixes of cheen tracks from some of their producer
friends who hold lespecial in the highest esteem.

Formed in March 2016 by guitarist Nicky Young and Jonah Bobo, Butter has made it’s mission to bring funky music to as many people as they could. From the first rehearsal, the whole band knew that this group could be something special. Since then, Butter has played several events on and off the Ithaca College campus, growing as a unit and delivering an increasingly exciting show for their audiences.


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