Arts Fishing Club

Arts Fishing Club

An Appleton Native turned Nashville transplant, Christopher Kessenich fronts the folk-rock collective known as Arts Fishing Club (AFC). Kessenich debuted his first studio EP in 2015 and completed a 1,600-mile WALKING tour from Maine to Tennessee where he played more than 50 shows and shot a documentary as one of "The Walking Guys." Kessenich later met Matt Siffert (bass) and Peter Eddins (keys/sax) and the group toured throughout the midwest while polishing AFC's sound and preparing for their first full-length record to be released in 2017. AFC's live shows are known for their contemplative lyricism and foot-stomping grooves.

Matt Siffert is an experimental folk artist. Born in New York City to a psychologist, Siffert grew up surrounded by a love of people and curiosity in the human condition. His childhood was spent immersed in the city’s rich and diverse musical history, from Leonard Bernstein to Public Enemy, Miles Davis to The Strokes.

While studying psychology in Havana, Cuba, Siffert fell in love with the country’s folk music, which combined songwriting with jazz harmony, African rhythm, and rock energy. It was all of his early influences wrapped into one musical language. Realizing that songwriting could unite his eclectic musical interests, he bought a Cuban-made acoustic guitar and began writing songs.

Siffert’s songwriting voice developed through his background in psychology, combined with his life in New York City and Havana. He began finding inspiration through a variety of angles, including politics, humor, romance, and friendship.

Since returning from Cuba, Siffert has released five works as a solo artist – ‘Morningside,’ ‘Cold Songs,’ ‘Rise,’ ‘Accelerations,' and ‘Gallatin.’ Tonight, Siffert premieres the music from his newest project, 'Bright Shadows.'



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Advance tickets are available online until 5:30PM, day of show. Any remaining tickets can be purchased at the door at showtime.

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