Cassidy Catanzaro

Cassidy Catanzaro

Some say it's her range That it’s her ability to traverse multiple octaves across an uncannily wide vocal spectrum that makes her such an incredible performer. Perhaps this is the reason why the critics loved her in “Parallel Worlds”, why her fans across the country buy her records and industry insiders including, legendary Rolling Stone journalists and major television network executives all shower her with accolades. Why her celebrity peers call her, "A born star”.

Others say it’s her power. And that’s what made her a natural to be the lead singer of the rock band Antigone Rising, why they toured with the Rolling Stones, and why their subsequent record sales broke sales records. Perhaps this is also the reason why Robert Plant and Janis Joplin are everyone’s “go-to” references when describing her ability to bring the house down with every song she sings.

And yet, those that have seen her perform up close will argue that her heart is her true instrument and that this is what makes her genuine. Which is why everything she sings resonates with emotion, making her early work as important as her current, why she is always in demand and why her fans know that she will never “sell out”.

But it is only those who have the distinct privilege to know her both on and off the stage that really know what she is truly about. It’s her soul that makes her special. It is also that which makes her truly iconic and why she will never just exist in the footnotes of music history, but in the annals of Rock and Roll fame. Perhaps this is the reason why her name appears with the likes of Demi Lovato, Steven Tyler, Gregg Allman, O.A.R., Steve Perry and Rob Thomas (just to name a few) as collaborator and compadre.

And whether she’s writing songs, starring in a feature film (more on this later), or leading an incendiary rock band in an unforgettable live concert, there is one thing that the entire world can agree upon,

Cassidy is all about The Music.



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