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Soul Science Lab (SSL) is a hip-hop, soul and jazz fusion duo with an empowering and affirming approach to self-expression formed by artist, educator and creative director, Chen Lo, and multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer, Asante’ Amin. Known as the creators behind the multi-media and live music production Soundtrack '63, music from their debut album Plan for Paradise is issued as a mythical rites of passage that sets two characters (Chen Lo and Asante) on a path to reach their highest potential and explores the challenges, trials, and contradictions they face on the way to finding it. They are charged to find self, find their reflection, and reclaim their culture, understanding that their success or failure in achieving this mission will impact generations to come. Offbeat Magazine calls Plan for Paradise “likely the most eclectic hip-hop record out this year.” With collective credits including work with Common, Erykah Badu, KRS-ONE, A Tribe Called Quest, Xzibit and the legendary Last Poets, Soul Science Lab is a smooth-grooving, multifaceted vision of the Afro future.

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