Adjy, Fast Preacher, Julee Bruise


Adjy is unabashedly pop in style and delivery. The vocals mixed high over top of furious keys, synth and on occasion guitar and banjo.

Fast Preacher

Orlando trio fronted by Daniel Hanson dedicated to delivering the soul of rock n roll, quickly.
From Under the Rock: Fast Preacher By Ty Wright
"Daniel Hanson ran into a problem when he realized that all though he could play drums, bass and guitar for a Fast Preacher recording, it would be nearly impossible for him to play them all at the same time for a live performance.
In what started off as a solo project, Fast Preacher has grown into a trio of old high school friends — Hanson (guitar), Chris McCallister (bass) and Nicholas James (drums); all who provide vocals of some sort."

Julee Bruise



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