Catherine MacLellan

"I'm just an eastern girl, I know rolling hills, I know lush green fields of grass…"

Catherine MacLellan has a voice that soothes and comforts, it effortlessly transports listeners to the soul of the places she's called home: PEI, Nova Scotia and the magical, mystical East Coast. You can also hear the other influences that have shaped MacLellan's songwriting: Joni Mitchell, Nanci Griffith, Townes Van Zandt and even Catherine's father, Gene MacLellan, whose extensive songwriting catalogue includes "Snowbird" (yes, THAT "Snowbird") and "Put Your Hand In The Hand" (made famous by Ocean). Since releasing her debut album in 2004, MacLellan has received awards, accolades and validation that, indeed, this eastern girl is on the right path. No Depression said of The Raven's Sun, MacLellan's 2015 Juno winning Roots and Trad solo album, "Every song here has the gift of sounding like you've known and loved it all of your life." Accompanying MacLellan will be her long-time musical partner, Chris Gauthier. Their appearance at Block Heater will no doubt have you pining for the home you never knew you'd left. (CV)



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