New Zealand four-piece The Beths channel their longtime friendship into high-energy guitar pop with a smart lyrical bite. Guitarist, lead vocalist, and primary songwriter Elizabeth Stokes and guitarist Jonathan Pearce attended high school together before meeting up with longtime mates bassist Benjamin Sinclair and drummer Ivan Luketina-Johnston at the University of Auckland, where all four studied jazz. After gigging together in a variety of configurations, the quartet came together for a project exploring the pop and rock sounds of their youth. Everything clicked, and The Beths were born.

Their debut EP, 2016's Warm Blood, overflows with explosive guitar riffs and infectious indie-rock hooks. Produced by Pearce and featuring all four members on joyful vocal harmonies that recall the best ‘60s pop, tracks like ace lead single “Whatever” and impossibly catchy standout “Idea/Intent” earned the all-killer, no-filler release rave reviews from the New Zealand music press.

2018 was a breakout year for The Beths, beginning with a signing to Carpark Records. A beloved live act across Australia and New Zealand, the band toured the U.S. and Europe, where singles from the forthcoming album Future Me Hates Me got audiences beyond the bottom of the Pacific Ocean hooked on their ebullient sounds. The title track ‘Future Me Hates Me’ has been received enthusiastically, earning radioplay worldwide, and second single ‘Happy Unhappy’ was named ‘Song of the Summer’ by Rolling Stone Magazine. Their freshman album, Future Me Hates Me, also produced by Pearce, arrives on August 10th; fans of artists like Sleater-Kinney and Best Coast should remain on high alert for the first full-length from their new favorite band

Jangle Pop, Surf Gaze, Twee, Indie Pop or whatever you want to call it. An ear worm burrowing it's way into your skull. Vocal harmonies. Lots of hooks. Let's just leave it at "this is going to be stuck in your head for awhile."

Forager was formed during the 2016 Cleveland Lottery League. A band of multi-instrumentalists deeply rooted in the very familial Cleveland music scene through their previous projects, the band has been garnering attention over the past year with gigs opening for Best Coast, radio station WRUW's Studio-A-Rama, Cleveland's Ingenuity Festival, and the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. Original cellist & electronic wizard Eric Gonzalez is currently splitting his time between the Twin Cities and the Forest City, playing with Forager whenever the stars and schedules align, and drummer Matt Nelson (The Oxen) recently relocated from sunny California to join the squad in fall 2017.

Forager is currently preparing to release an EP and looking forward to spring and summer tour dates.

Past/related projects include Bears, The Oxen, agleam, Plasma for Guns, Gypsy Wolf, The Powerhead Kids, and We the People.



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