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Come. A cornerstone of the Matador stable 20 years ago. A band that requires no introduction, but here's one for
the uninitiated.
New York, 1990. Guitarists Thalia Zedek (Dangerous Birds/Live Skull) and Chris Brokaw (Codeine) both relocate
(separately) to Boston from New York, where a year earlier, bassist Sean O'Brien (Kilkenny Kats) and drummer
Arthur Johnson (Bar-B-Q Killers), had moved from Athens GA. These parallel tracks (sub)merge and, fittingly,
make beautiful music together. Soon after the four play their first show together, Sub Pop releases the "Car" 7" as
part of their Singles Club series. Following a heated game of rock/paper/scissors with other competitors (Google it),
Matador emerges as the lucky label that releases Come's first of many masterpieces, Eleven:Eleven.
Despite being one of the best albums in this label's long history and one of the more memorable debut albums in an
era full of 'em, Eleven:Eleven has been out of print for far too long. Pitchfork has called it "one of the most elusive
gems of the Matador catalog, known for its knotty, torrential guitars and anguished vocals."
Eleven:Eleven is essential to understanding the music of the '90s. From All Music:
"One couldn't throw a brick around rock critics & college rock types in 1992 without hitting someone who'd
talk about how Come was the new incarnation of the blues, often loudly and at great length ... But it's the
Stones and acts like Patti Smith & Black Sabbath, not to mention the confrontation of no wave and other
punk-inspired acts, that are more of a touchstone to what's going on than Robert Johnson. It's a uniquely
sludgy, electric, strong fusion of sounds and styles, combining extreme angst and commanding power."
Brokaw and Zedek's emotional dual guitar work rivals Verlaine/Lloyd, chiming and majestic, cascading into
feedback-ridden squalls informed by both punk and metal, sifted through one of the tightest rhythm sections ever
assembled. Come toured extensively with Pavement, Sugar, Dinosaur Jr., and Nirvana, at those bands' request.
This May 21 sees this classic LP finally back in print, with a deluxe, remastered double disc reissue (2XLP, 2XCD)
comprising the original album plus a bonus disc featuring Come's October 11, 1992 performance at the
Vermonstress Festival. The 2XLP edition will also include a bonus 7″, a reissue of the "Fast Piss Blues" b/w "I
Got The Blues" single. Matador will handle the North and South American release; Glitterhouse will be reissuing
Eleven:Eleven in the same configurations in Europe. It's all here. Again. For the first time.
After a handful of reunion shows in 2010 and 2011, Come's original lineup will be playing selected shows later this
year including the Primavera Festival in Barcelona (North American dates will be confirmed shortly. In addition,
Thalia Zedek's 5th solo album and first since 2008, 'Via', was released by Thrill Jockey in March.

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