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Paul Perrilles, otherwise known as “the kid” (named by Ray Charles trumpeter David Hoffman), is a young professional musician who derives from the Peoria, IL area. Born in Peoria, Paul found his passion for drums at a very young age. The drums have been his family for 3 generations, and he picked up the drumsticks just like his father and grandfather did before him.

Using his sticks and his imagination, Paul is able to blend together a variety of musical genres to fit into any style he is playing in the moment. He has played with many bands playing several different genres from rock, to jazz, and even folk. His most noticeable discography includes a year-long stint with The Way Down Wanderers, a fast-paced, soulful americana band that derived from Peoria, IL. Paul can be heard on the album “Path to Follow” with this popular folk group.

Paul is now pursuing a new musical endeavor called the Perrilles Project with some of the best musicians in the area. This project is inspired by some of his most influential musicians of the bebop era and onward. Paul will be pursuing a career in jazz music at Northern Illinois University in the fall of 2016 studying with some of the best musicians in Chicago.

$10.00 - $12.00


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