Street Sects

Street Sects

In 2013, in the wake of struggling with addiction for thirteen years, vocalist Leo Ashline formed Street Sects with his friend, multi-instrumentalist Shaun Ringsmuth, in order to produce extreme, experimental music addressing the negative aspects of life. In 2014, they self-released the first two EPs for the planned Gentrification: A Serial Album pentalogy: The Morning After the Night We Raped Death (February 4) and Broken Windows, Sunken Ceilings (July 15). On November 18 they also released the song "Things Will Be Better in California" which is a composition built from Spill/Fill, a collection of samples by Wreck and Reference from their 2014 album Want. All of these works were produced by the duo, mastered by James Plotkin, and illustrated by A.J. Garces Bohmer based on concepts by Ashline.

Street Sects' debut studio album End Position was released on September 16, 2016, through The Flenser to generally positive reviews. It was mixed and mastered by Machines with Magnets in Providence, Rhode Island. The album's title is based on a lyric from I See a Darkness by Will Oldham.

p0st3rb0y is some kid who kicked everyone out of their band.

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