2POC (sounds like 2PAC, stands for 2 performers of color) boasts a new, diverse lineup every show.

Each week a different, POC improv duo is showcased – a brand new show every time!

IG handle: @2POC_Improv / FB: 2POC Improv



2POC (Sounds like 2PAC, stands for "Two Performers of Color") is a new show where, each week, two new POC players will performer a half hour 2prov set. Maybe it’s a montage, maybe it’s one long scene, maybe they just compliment each other for 30 mins - the stage is theirs to do with as they please.

Chicago is fortunate to have a diverse pool of immense talent and now you have an opportunity to see a variety of performers, and see them flexing and supporting each other on one stage. Don't sleep on it, catch the 2POC premier August 9th @ 10 PM.

Starring: Tiara Maracoco, Ladies of SFN, Huy Ngyuen, and Dre Sampson

Upcoming Events
The Mission Theater at iO Chicago