Ladykiller, The Intangibles


The Intangibles

Psychedelic-Experimental-Multi-Genre Rock from Massillon, OH.

The Intangibles bring sweaty, original Rock n' Roll to the Ohio music scene and beyond. Originating in Massillon, Ohio in 2013, the uniqueness of their sound can only be matched by the intensity of their stage performance. Front-man Charlie 6er delivers an emotional performance through his zombie-Hendrix guitar style, thought-provoking lyrics, flute and dance. The "never know what hell you're going to get" drumming style of K.J. Herring drives the metal induced, funk grooves of bassist Blake Oaks and the enchanting melodies of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Aaron Perez-Strohmeyer. The Intangibles are untouchable, though intensely felt.


Greenbeard is a stoner-metal three-piece band from Austin, TX. Established in August 2014 and has been bringing prolific vibrations to the universe via drums, bass, and guitar since that.



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