Eve to Adam

Eve to Adam

NYC’S guitar-driven, anthemic rock band EVE TO ADAM is not content to re-hash the same old song
of yesterday, in the name of the all-mighty buck. They understand their why: To reignite Rock.
EVE TO ADAM has upped-the-ante on their fourth, game-changing release LOCKED & LOADED
(3-For-5/MRI/Sony Red), by bringing in the best of the best to co-write, produce and collaborate on
this sonic journey. The new single “IMMORTAL” is impacting radio NOW (and featured on iTunes
“New & Noteworthy”). The epic anthem, which is highly cinematic in tone, is a tribute to heroic
legacies. It was co-written and produced by Dave Bassett, who was involved in Halestorm’s
Grammy win for “Best Hard Rock Performance” as co-writer of “Love Bites (So Do I).”

Skytown is a consistently top-ranked, Acoustic Rock band from Tulsa, OK (ReverbNation.com) The early days of Skytown consisted of Dale Crain (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Tim Burress (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar), Blake Sullivan (Bass), and Eliot Cooper (Drums). In 2012 the four started writing and recording original songs. They began playing for friends and family which soon escalated to playing larger house parties. After playing a few small bars and even auditioning potential members, it was by chance that Jason Ford was at his local watering hole when he saw the band for the first time. Impressed by what he saw and heard, Jason approached the band asking if they needed another acoustic guitar player and volunteered for the job. A couple of weeks later after a quick audition, the band was complete and as they say, the rest is history. After receiving extremely positive feedback from crowds and venue owners they were playing for, the freshly charged Skytown decided it was time to take their music to the masses. After playing just one show with the complete lineup in Tulsa, word spread quickly that there was a "new sound" in town and Skytown's phone started blowing up! Skytown has since been booked every week, playing upwards of 3 shows a weekend, and have no plans on slowing down or letting up! The band is being contacted on a weekly basis by venues and talent buyers looking to entertain their patrons and the venues have NOT been disappointed with most venues re-booking Skytown for another show as soon as they leave the stage! Skytown not only packs the house but they also bring it down! With an extremely energetic live show with plenty of crowd participation, Skytown continues to attract new fans and new listeners every time they play out. The band is currently booking shows 7 - 8 weeks in advance and doesn't see it slowing down any time soon. In 2014 alone, Skytown has had the privilege to share the stage with such national acts as: All About a Bubble, We the Ghost, Framing the Red, Dellacoma, Black Hole Gypsy, Fists of Rage, Drugs Delaney, Seven Days Lost, Sage Cook of Elephant Revival and many others!
Most recently Skytown traveled to Denver, CO to record their first EP with producers Glenn Sawyer and Rich Veltrop (production credits include Tom Petty, Rage Against the Machine, Macy Gray, Sophie B. Hawkins and many others) at The Spot Studios. Check out the music tab for the unreleased EP!
The band is working on their release campaign and expects a physical disc to debut in 2015 coinciding with a national tour.

A Metal band from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Formed in 2013, DRYVR came together when 5 regional touring musicians, who have played together before but never all in the same band, decided to join forces and create something new. Each member brings years of live performance, stage presence and dynamics to the table. Opening for national touring acts, getting local media and radio attention and bringing increasingly larger crowds to their shows, DRYVR is currently working on videos, recording new original music in the studio, and touring throughout the Midwest.

Once in a while, the stars align just right – the right people, the right sound, the right time – and good things become great things. Jason Gautney, formerly of Sanctum Solaris, relocated from Dallas to Oklahoma at the same time as charter members of Medicine Train (Bucky Allen, Richard Young, and Becky Scheufler) were looking for a change.

The powerful, driving drums of Bucky Allen combined with the punishing bass of Richard Young create a solid foundation for the heavy, riff inspired guitar layers of Jason Gautney, and the soulful, melodic vocals of Becky Scheufler.

The music of Mudd Flux, which was forged from the iron of hard rock icons, delivers a thunderous low end charge mixed with rumbling, heavy riffs, deep melodic lyrics, and a groove that shakes the soul.



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