Old Time Machine

Old Time Machine is a folk/old-time/blue-grass outfit hailing from the eastern regions of Los Angeles. They are comprised of Amelia Card (guitar and vocals), Rosy Nolan (banjo and vocals), Kenny Feinstein (fiddle and mandolin) and Troy Newell on bass. Think Gillian Welch meets I’m With Her meets The Carter Family. They mix sweet harmonies over haunting melodies to the great pleasure of audiences all over the country.

Adinkra plays African fusion music that takes traditional Ghanaian drumming and songs, and combines elements of funk, blues, rock, r&b, soul and hip hop through the utilization of both western and traditional Ghanaian instruments. The music is both exhilarating and profound to both Ghanaian and western listeners.

Beecher is a southern California folk/ punk duo based out of riverside city. Beecher writes and produces original music that can be related to such bands as dropkick murphys, old crow medicine show, and days n‘ daze. Stephanie on vocals, chris on guitar & vocals this duo creates unique blend of old soul sound and american punk. Their music varies from high energy fun style songs to a more intimate Sound that tugs at the heart strings. Beecher are not just musicians they are story tellers and believe in staying authentic in what they do while still delivering a memorable experience.

Texas native Brad Blackburn fosters a unique blend of pop, rock and soul driven by his warm vocals and bluesy guitar chops. After years of developing his sound and performing most nights of the week in San Antonio, Brad relocated to Nashville to take on Music City. He has since asserted himself as a force to be reckoned with in this competitive industry, taking home a number of awards and performing across the country. Most notable performances include the 2016 & 2017 Grammy Block Parties, CMA Fest, and the ASCAP Foundation Awards. Brad’s sophomore album, Through The Dark, is available now.



  • 6:30 - Brad Blackburn
  • 7:15 - Old Time Machine
  • 8:05 - Beecher
  • 9:05 - Adinkra 

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