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Jeff Dauler

Jeff Dauler makes a living being funny and telling stories about his life. The nationally syndicated radio personality, executive producer and stand up comedian is also an event host, entrepreneur and triathlete.

In 2001, Dauler and Bert Weiss launched the morning radio show The Bert Show in Atlanta. Dauler has been an executive producer and co-host for the show since its inception.  The morning program has grown considerably, expanding to more than 20 markets nationwide, including Dallas, Charleston, and Nashville. This year, The Bert Show was nominated for “Best Morning Show” by All Access Media Group, which is the Internet’s largest radio and music industry community.

In 2012, Dauler was asked by CNN and Dr. Sanjay Gupta to be a part of their Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge.  Dauler, who was never an athletic person, went from never working out to swimming, biking and running across the finish line of the Nautica Malibu Triathlon after 9 months of training.  His story has
motivated scores of his radio fans to overhaul their own lives.

The transformation led Dauler to launch a jewelry line with New York designer Diana Warner with pieces encouraging wearers to “Keep Moving Forward,” a lesson he learned training for his first triathlon.

After 20 years of being funny on the radio, Dauler has been focusing on his stand-up comedy. He dabbled in stand-up a few times many years ago, but is now performing regularly after a chance encounter with superstar comedian Jeff Foxworthy, who gave him a push to get on stage and hone his craft. Since then, it has been full steam ahead.

Dauler describes his comedy as realistic, not pessimistic or negative.  He is a skilled comedic storyteller, who has been sharing funny anecdotes on the radio for years.

His humor is self-deprecating and introspective and he remarks, “I do a lot of quirky things and like to try and figure out why I do them. And when I am done analyzing myself, I turn to all the strange people in the world. The best ones to study are the ones that don't have any idea that they are odd.”

Since taking the plunge into the world of stand-up comedy, Dauler has performed as a special guest for Joel McHale’s show at the Ryman Auditorium as part of Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Festival. In addition to the Ryman, Jeff has performed at the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival and several venues including at Atlanta’s Punchline Comedy Club, Laughing Skull Comedy Club and The Improv as well as Los Angeles’ Flappers and Westside Comedy Theatre. He has shared stages with the likes of Foxworthy, George Wallace, Ron White and Joel McHale.

A self-described social media addict, he hates talking on the phone, but will text all day long. He never watches TV, lies about how much he reads and spends too much on technology and gadgets.

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