The Living Street

The Living Street

The Living Street is an indie-folk duo consisting of Nick Guckert (Guitar/Vocals) and Edward J. Angelo (Bass/Vocals) formed in July 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA. Guckert and Angelo grew up in Lower Burrell, a small town just outside of the city and less than a mile down the road from one another. Both developed a love for music early on in life, but it wasn’t until the two met in school sports that they recognized a shared passion, burgers.

The official beginning of their friendship as they recall was over a handful of burgers nearly a decade ago (so, really, if there is any one person to truly thank for bringing The Living Street together, it’s Dave Thomas). From there, they started jamming out original ideas together as much as their parents could handle it, often escaping to the empty baseball field dugout right behind Angelo’s childhood home. It was in those moments Guckert and Angelo realized they shared a special collaborative bond bringing only the best out of each other artistically. There was only one option at this point.

In their freshman year of high school, Guckert encouraged Angelo to come along with him to practice with the band he was in at the time. After one successful jam, it didn’t take long for Guckert to convince the other members to make Angelo an official member of My Friday Slacks.

Guckert and Angelo remained primary songwriters taking collaborative approaches with every member of the band thus creating a unique sound differing from the original vision. Eventually, Guckert and Angelo started a new side project where they could have full control of musical direction, The Artless. As The Artless, they allowed their artistry to truly blossom and were able to play in support of several national acts including: The Front Bottoms, GEOGRAPHER, Chairlift, Lissie and The Boxer Rebellion.

After graduating from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a marketing degree, Angelo decided to move to Pittsburgh in the Lawrenceville neighborhood to join Guckert and begin working on a new writing project that didn't even have a name, but they shared a common goal — play music together for life. Playing and writing music and entertaining an audience are Guckert and Angelo's favorite things to do, and it has not wavered since the early days in the dugout behind Angelo’s house. The two are dedicated to their careers as artists and performers.

After a decade of writing together on and off, they brought it back to the basics: just the two of them and an acoustic guitar writing honest songs through observation and self-reflection. They released their first single "Can't Steal My Love" on September 20th, 2017. The Living Street left for a tour of the east coast after the release of their debut self-titled album 'The Living Street' on January 5th, 2018. They returned home in April of 2018 to get back in the studio and prepare for west coast tour in the fall.

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